1. What does the project include?

The project includes 5 main elements:

  • A new amenity building that includes bathrooms and a family restroom
  • A new athletic changing room, both home and visitor
  • A new accessible press box
  • A new concession stand with umpire facilities
  • New improved entrance, parking, access, utilities, and circulation

2. Didn’t Bertram get renovated recently?

The field, track, and lighting were renovated in 2013 and 2014. Those will not be touched during this phase; however, the field house is in very poor condition, and can no longer be maintained or upgraded. The new facilities meet all new codes, and will be fully accessible, gender neutral, sustainable, modern, and welcoming.

3. What is the project’s schedule?

Project Schedule to say the project started in September of 2020 and finished in July 2021

4. What are the community benefits of the project?

This project will provide a modern sports and park facility that will provide important recreational opportunities for children and adults throughout the City. It is the only regulation sized football, soccer, or lacrosse field in Salem. It is the only track and field facility. There are over 250 games and practices there a year, making it the most highly used field in the City. The facility serves the entire City and can also host community games and tournaments for the region. The project will improve circulation in an important part of the City. The new facility will have expanded opportunities for fundraising, including a better facility for serving food and fundraising.

This project also will have the following benefits:

  • High levels of sustainability, including zero net energy ready, & efficient heating/cooling
  • reduced runoff and green infrastructure, native plantings
  • Fully accessible entrance for all modes of travel
  • Opportunities for public art and improved IT access
  • New security cameras and better access for emergency vehicles

5. Will parking at Bertram Field be different than it is now when the improvements are completed?

The existing parking lot has approximately 54 official spaces, and the new facility will have 51. The new parking lot will have accessible parking, a drop off area, electric charging stations, separated pedestrian/bike circulation, and will also be made of pervious pavement.

The City is working with the School, Engineering, DPW, and Fire Department to provide parking in other areas, including 5 additional permanent spaces near Collins, as well as several more striped parking spaces along Jackson Street.

6. How will this project affect the schools and neighborhood?

This is not a significantly complicated construction project, however, the parking area near the field will be out of service during construction period. Additional permanent and temporary parking will be provided elsewhere around Collins. The Contractor will not be allowed to park at the School or on Bertuccio Rd. The field will be accessible, but there will be no bathrooms or lockers. The Athletic Department is working closely with us and will schedule games that cannot be played at Bertram to surrounding communities as needed. The City will work with the Schools, the contractor, and our project manager to ensure noise, dust, and other construction impacts are minimized.

7. What is the cost of the project and how is it being paid for?

The estimated construction cost is $5.3M, and the total cost, including soft costs such as design, construction oversight, testing, and contingency brings the total to $6.1M. The majority of the cost is being paid from City bonds, with a portion of those bonds approved for repayment by Community Preservation Act funds ($100k a year for 20 years). Other sources of funds include water and sewer bond to pay for the new sewer and water lines, a state grant for the green infrastructure, and donations. A donation campaign will start shortly to bring in more funds for the project. Check the City of Salem news for announcements.

8. How will Bertram Field be operated and maintained once the improvements are completed?

The facility is under ownership of Park and Recreation but is used primarily by the schools. The School Department and Park & Rec have been working hard with our consultants to develop a shared and coordinated operation and maintenance plan and will ensure that the funds are available to maintain the project in next year’s budget. Maintenance of the buildings and turf field as well as operation and scheduling of the field will continue to be the responsibility of the Schools, however DPW and Park and Recreation will assist with other site maintenance (grass, trees, etc.). Park and Recreation will work with the School Department to schedule events and activities.

9. Who is the team for this project?

This project is being led by Park and Recreation, with significant coordination with Schools and Engineering. The lead designer is Beacon Architects and the Owner’s Project Manager is Leftfield. Significant coordination has occurred with DPW, Fire, Police, IT, Health, and Planning Depts. If you have any questions, please contact Jenna Ide at [email protected] or 978-618-5699.